Water, fire, and stone features can enhance a landscape environment both visually and acoustically. By using a tasteful mix of stone work and water we can help you design the centerpiece of your yard or landscape and create the perfect outdoor oasis.

Professional installation of masonry structures can provide the foundation of a comprehensive landscape project.  Our artisans utilize materials such as concrete pavers, flagstone, brick, natural stone, crushed stone/gravel, etc. to create beautiful and useful landscape elements.  
  • Retaining walls
  • Planters
  • Masonry walkway & design

Water Features:
Oftentimes, a water feature becomes the centerpiece or focal point of an outdoor space. Sometimes as simple as a water vessel or fountain, water features can also be more elaborate, such as natural ponds or waterfalls. Design concepts can range from highly formal to extremely naturalistic, and can range in scale from miniscule to magnificent. Our landscape architects are capable of including detailed water features while still considering ease of maintenance and operation.
  • Ponds and streams
  • Natural stone water features
  • Disappearing water features
  • Filtration

Fire Elements:
Fireplaces and firepits create glowing focal points and add year-round enjoyment to your deck, porch, or patio. Our fireplaces often include materials such as brick, stucco, natural stone.  Our professional landscape architects and talented masons create breathtaking fire elements that are sure to add both beauty and warmth to your outdoor living space.